Prescription Safety Glasses: The Definitive Solution for Occupational Eye Safety

06/07/2024- Middlesex, NJ:  In the realm of workplace safety, few considerations are as critical as protecting one’s eyes, especially in hazardous environments such as construction sites, laboratories, and manufacturing plants where eye injuries are all too common. With advancements in technology and protective gear, prescription safety glasses have become the definitive solution for safeguarding vision while addressing individual visual needs. RX Safety stands out as a leading provider of these essential protective eyewear solutions, offering a comprehensive range that caters to diverse occupational demands. Their high-quality prescription safety glasses are designed to integrate vision correction seamlessly with robust safety features, making them ideal for high-impact environments and precision-focused tasks alike.

The Importance of Eye Safety in the Workplace

Work-related eye injuries can have devastating consequences, ranging from temporary discomfort to permanent vision loss. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur annually, underscoring the urgent need for effective eye protection measures.

In many industries, standard safety glasses or goggles are mandatory to mitigate the risk of flying debris, chemical splashes, and other hazards. However, for individuals requiring corrective lenses to maintain optimal vision, wearing these standard safety goggles over prescription glasses can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, often compromising safety compliance.

RX Safety: A Leader in Eye Protection

RX Safety has established itself as a leading provider of prescription safety glasses, addressing the gap between vision correction and protective eyewear. At RX Safety, safety is a commitment woven into every aspect of their prescription safety glasses, which feature a diverse array of frames, lens options, and customization features to ensure workers receive optimal protection while exuding confidence and style. Engineered with state-of-the-art materials and advanced lens technologies, RX Safety’s glasses withstand the rigors of demanding work environments, offering ANSI Z87.1-certified impact resistance and specialized coatings for anti-fog, scratch resistance, and UV protection, delivering uncompromising performance and clarity.

Customization for Individual Needs

Recognizing the unique requirements of each wearer, RX Safety offers a range of customization options to tailor prescription safety glasses to specific preferences and occupational demands. From bifocal and progressive lenses to tinted and polarized options, workers can personalize their eyewear for optimal comfort, vision correction, and task-specific requirements.

Unrivaled Comfort for Extended Wear

RX Safety understands that comfort is paramount for ensuring wearer compliance and productivity. That’s why their prescription safety glasses are meticulously designed for all-day comfort, featuring lightweight frames, adjustable nose pads, and ergonomic designs that minimize pressure points and enhance wearer satisfaction, even during prolonged use.

The OnGuard 220S prescription safety glasses offer all-day comfort and safety with a lightweight TR-Nylon frame that is non-conductive. They feature a rubberized nose bridge for a great fit, a dust dam for extra protection, and an optional replacement nose bridge. These glasses are ideal for long hours in various work environments and come in six colors and two sizes. They meet ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3, and EN 166 standards for top-notch protection.


The Bobster Whiskey Prescription Safety Sunglasses are tough and protective, with a polycarbonate frame and ballistic resistance. They come in matte black with anti-fog smoked lenses, offering shatter-resistant protection and 100% UV blocking. With an 8-base wrap design, they provide excellent peripheral vision. These sunglasses can also be customized with prescription lenses. Meeting ANSI Z87.2010+ standards, they exceed the ballistic impact requirements of the new MCEPS standard.


With a reputation built on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, RX Safety has earned the trust of professionals across diverse industries, from healthcare and construction to manufacturing and beyond. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to protecting workers’ vision make RX Safety the go-to choice for prescription safety glasses. RX Safety leads the way with prescription safety glasses that flawlessly combine protection, precision, and style. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, customizable features, and a steadfast commitment to comfort, RX Safety equips workers to tackle any challenge with clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. RX Safety’s diverse selection includes various frame styles, lens options, and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different professions and individual preferences. More than just a brand, RX Safety is a trusted partner dedicated to safeguarding the vision and well-being of workers worldwide. To explore the wide range of their innovative and high-quality collection, visit the RX Safety website and discover how their products can enhance your workplace safety and visual clarity.

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Rx Safety is an American manufacturer of affordable prescription safety glasses and performance eyewear. A family-owned and operated business with a state-of-the-art digital ophthalmic lab and an online store providing affordable, top-of-the-line prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, and performance eyewear on the market. All the safety glasses always meet or exceed the ANSI Z87+ standards for high impact, to be safe and secure while working in any kind of hazardous environment. Besides standard safety glasses, we offer a broad selection of prescription shooting and tactical glasses, prescription youth sports glasses, fishing glasses, and motorcycle glasses designed and tested to meet our high standards. As an authorized distributor of Wiley X, Bobster, ESS, and BodySpecs, offers a full line of prescription safety glasses straight from the manufacturer at wholesale prices.

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